Product Development and Prototyping

If the customer request it, production processes will be proved, functional models to prototype units will be developed, constructed and  taken into service and necessary maintenance will be performed.

In year 2014 a large robot was partially produced, completely installed and taken into service.

In the year after a tube joint welding system with its own capacities was realised.


Steel tube tower concepts for wind turbines
(duration: '13-'15)
Innovative steel tube tower concepts for wind turbines with large hub heights
Lattice masts for wind turbines
(duration: '13-'15)

Use of maintenance-free lattice masts for wind turbines with large hub heights
Modular yacht generation
(duration: '11-'14)
Development of a modular yacht generation – pilot study and
joint project
(duration: '11-'13)

Seal-less direct drive for ships - DiDaS
(duration: '10-'13)
System for Process-Integrated Aluminum Quality Assurance Technology
10t MTOM
(duration: '10-'12)
Development of an innovative aircraft hangar for business aviation (10t MTOM)
Innovative Houseboats
(duration: '10-'11)
Innovative Houseboats for Cost-Effective Batch-Production
Industrial Crane Assembly Hall
(duration: '08-'10)
Development of a Modular, Expendable, Recyclable Industrial Crane Assembly Hall with a Special Deep Foundation for Transnational Application
Multiple Chillers
(duration: '08- '10)
Development of a Scaleable Platform Concept for Customized Refridgeration Units
(duration: '06-'08)
Development of a New Type of Energy-Optimized, Fuel-Saving Energy Supply and Propulsion System for Use on House Boats
Flexibly Designable Office Buildings
(duration: '06-'08)
Development of an Innovative Generation of Office-blocks with Flexible Design in Extremely Brief Construction Periods
Interactive Display Dummy
(duration: '06-'07)
Interactive Display Dummy
Developing Components for Weight and Performance Optimised House Boats
(duration: '05-'08)
Development of Components for Weight and Performance Optimized House Boats in Hybrid Construction
Large Gate
Development Concept of an Innovative Large Gate
Steel-Glass Facade
(duration: '02-'04)
Developing Innovative Pre-Fabricated Modules for a Steel-Glass Facade Construction
Modularized Car Dealership
(duration: '00-'01)
Modularized Car Dealership in Steel Glass Construction