About us

The Fraunhofer Application Centre for Large Structures in Production Engineering (Fraunhofer AGP) is a branch of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft for the Promotion of Applied Research e.V., Munich.

The Fraunhofer AGP cooperates with the Chair of Production Technology and the Chair of Joining Technology of the Faculty for Machine Engineering and Ship Technology of the University of Rostock.

Both professorships are part of the Faculty for Machine Engineering and Ship Technology of the University of Rostock where around 1381 students are currently registered (as of winter semester 2015/16).

The two facilities work closely together in research and education within the scope of a cooperation contract between the University of Rostock and the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft that was renewed in 2012.

The Fraunhofer AGP is a member of the Fraunhofer Alliance Traffic (Waterborne area) and of the MHI e.V. (Assembly–Handling Technology–Industrial Robots).

Prof. Dr.-Ing. M.-C. Wanner, Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. K.-M. Henkel (v.l.)

  • All the planned targets for the implementation of a Fraunhofer Institute in Rostock have been attained with the year-end closing for 2015. The number of members of staff at Fraunhofer AGP has increased to 62; the operating budget was raised to 5.4 million € for a share of industry project volume of approximately 45%.
  • The search for a successor to Prof. Wanner has been greatly delayed. However, we are confident that this problem will be solved quickly. The construction work for the 4th new building programme has been finalised further and is progressing well. The medium-term goal is the expansion of the facility to 100 members of staff at Fraunhofer AGP.
  • A special highlight in 2015 was the commissioning of our large robot at Mecklenburger Metallguss GmbH in Waren and numerous other robot applications at various small and medium-sized companies in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. We are also involved to an increasing extent with projects concerning the whole topic of Industry 4.0.